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Build your CI/CD pipeline for AI Prompts

Develop and version control your prompts. Auto generated API to retrieve prompts. Automatically run end-to-end LLM testing before making updates to your prompts on production.

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Why Companies Love Us

“Prompt Engineering isn't easy, and that's why we're here. Building a LLM Prompt Management tool requires a wide range of expertise and adaptibility. With our full on testing suite and prompt are your one stop solution for iterating LLM prompts. The new Git of AI”

James Fong

CEO, Prompteams

Improving Collaboration Between Industry Specialists and Engineers

Let your industry specialists and engineers collaborate on the same platform. Let your industry specialists and prompt engineers test and iterate on the same platform without any programming knowledge

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Prompt editor

Build unlimited test cases to iterate your prompts

With our testing suite, you can create and run unlimited test cases to ensure the quality of your your your your your prompt. Check for hallucinations, issues, edge cases and more. Our suite is the most complex of prompts

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Testing LLM Prompts

Multiple environments (branches), commits, repositories to manage your prompts

Use Git like features to manage your prompts. Create a repository for each project, and create multiple branches to iterate on your prompts. Commit your changes and test them in a separate environment. Easily revert back to a previous version

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Versioning prompts, main branch

Real time API's for each prompt in each environment

With our real time API's, one single click and your prompt is updated and live! Any branch, any prompt will be updated without needing to change any code

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Commit prompts, retrieve through API

Built for the future

Easily iterate and test your prompts in just minutes for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Prompteams do versioning?

We have repositories, branches and commits. You can create a repository for each project, and create as many branches as you like. Inside these branches are your LLM prompts. Each prompt has an ID, and each branch has a corresponding API to get realtime values. You can revert, release/merge between branches similar to how git works

How can we test LLM prompts?

We have a testing suite that allows you to create and run unlimited test cases. You can check for hallucinations, issues, edge cases and more. Our suite is the most complex of prompts. Simply add a 'test case', then add the success criteria of the test case, like 'starts with x', 'does not start with', 'length bigger than X', and many othere

Is it free for my team? How do I get started?

Yes its 100% free. You can get started by creating an account. You need to create a team and invite your team members using an invite code